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Irrigators - Think Ahead and Call Now!

Customers needing additional electric service for new irrigation systems this summer, or requesting for load control for the first time, should call the BCPPD District office as soon as possible.  Some of these new services may require miles of new three phase line to be built.  We have already started scheduling work for this spring, so contact us immediately so material can be ordered.

The main information BCPPD needs to know are the location of the new system, the toal horsepower of the system and whether it requires 3 phase or single phase electric service.

We can help customers figure out the kilowatt requirements of their system once they inform us of the size of pump and the number of towers on the unit.

In Nebraska, the demand for electricity reaches its peak in the summer.  Giving BCPPD advanced notice about new irrigation units will help us meet everyone’s needs for electricity as efficiently and economically as possible.  In order to avoid any delays in getting a new service call the office now at 402-374-2631 or 888-835-1620.





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